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Working Smarter While Working Hard on your MLM Business

Presented by Harry Nouhan

You will learn:

  • How Do Top Earners Get the Most Out of the New Year?
  • Creating First Quarter Magic
  • Get the Calendar to Work for YOU
  • Q & A on Anything MLM: Recruiting, sales, marketing, duplication, etc.

When: Saturday, January 15th

Time: 9 AM Pacific | 12 PM Eastern

Where: Exclusive Zoom Room (I'll provide link)

Why: Because your business needs it!

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Harry has 30 + years as a professional in all aspects of the sales process and industry including, recruiting, training, mentoring and coaching at all levels including ownership and upper level management. 15 years of which were in the direct selling network Marketing industry in 5 different countries, earning over $3 million and helping to create 12 multimillion-dollar earners.

Not sure you can do this? I've got a story for you...

I remember when I first got exposed to the secrets of network marketing and learned how to compress time and go faster.

I met this barmaid waitress whom I started talking with and realized she could be a good candidate for my business. I took the time to guide her through the system we had, and she took it and ran with it. She came full time within the first 30 days and earned over $80,000 her first 6 months and changed her confidence level, her income, and the rest of her life.

This happened after I had come back from a training trip to Denver where I spent 6 months sleeping on my sponsor's couch learning exactly what to do and how to do it. With today’s technology, you can learn so much faster with the internet and extensive tools so readily available.

Understanding the system and working hard with the secrets to moving faster, within 7 years I had an international distributorship and had become one of the success stories I had only heard about and was earning over $120,000 per month. That distributorship to this day is one of the largest producing distributorships in the world, doing over $3 Billion per year in 22 countries.

I will share tips with you in this free class that could change your life forever as well!

So... are you in?