Create Your Public Speaking Plan

2-Part Masterclass

Presented by Terilee Harrison

Maximize your message and reach your speaking goals with the Create Your Public Speaking Plan 2-Part Masterclass, where you'll create a tangible plan while examining what's holding you back and how to overcome it.

Tues/Thurs, June 20 & 22

Time: 3 PM PST | 6 PM EST

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In this 2-part Masterclass, you will learn:

  • Discover the secrets to improving your speaking effort through topic selection.
  • Strategize the perfect mix of face-to-face and online speaking goals.
  • Unveil hidden opportunities and confidently approach potential speaking gigs.
  • Establish a committed community of fellow speakers and industry connections.
  • Leverage your speaking collateral for maximum business impact.
  • You can participate LIVE or catch the replay, but you must register!

Dates: Tues/Thurs, June 20 & 22

Time: 3 pm Pacific

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Meet Terilee

Terilee is a Speaking Coach, Speaking Business Development Expert, Global Speaker, and multi-time author who is passionate about helping coaches, consultants and solopreneurs share their message with the world. She leads the Public Speaking Division at Eric Lofholm International, a global sales training company. Terilee resides in Houston, Texas and serves professionals throughout the English speaking world.